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Jakarta, 7 December 2022
Closing Plenary of G20 EMPOWER Encouraging India to Remain Focused on the Solution of the Women’s Empowerment Issue

Jakarta, 7 December 2022. The Group of Twenty (G20) alliance which focuses on empowering women in the business industry, the G20 EMPOWER, has officially handed over the baton of leadership to India. The closing plenary was held in Jakarta, Thursday (1/12). The Minister of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection of the Republic of Indonesia, Bintang Puspayoga, in her remarks entrusted India with continuing the work plan of the G20 EMPOWER of the Indonesian Presidency, specifically that which was contained in the G20 Leaders' Declaration in Nusa Dua, Bali, earlier.

Bintang Puspayoga said that during the Indonesian Presidency, the G20 EMPOWER had built and provided various advocacy, to share good practices to improve and strengthen women's position in decision-making at the top management level. This alliance has also actively promoted efforts to achieve gender equality in the workplace, business sector and society. Providing a platform to share knowledge with the government, advocates, and other stakeholders. In fact, partnering with governments and other G20 member countries to implement policies related to increasing the role of women in managerial positions.

"The G20 Forum has developed very significantly. The Declaration of the G20 Leaders at this year's presidency became the momentum for the first time to include commitments regarding women's empowerment and gender equality in separate items. Of course, this shows the concern and seriousness of G20 member countries in placing women's issues on an inclusive and sustainable development focus", explained Bintang Puspayoga further.

Meanwhile, the Chair of the G20 EMPOWER of the Indonesian Presidency, Yessie D Yosetya, emphasized, "We will continue to push for the implementation of the recommendations that have been prepared by the G20 EMPOWER this year. Furthermore, we will continue to track and ensure that there are real results implemented by the government and all elements involved in it. We also believe that the G20 EMPOWER, under the Indian presidency in 2023, will be able to seek solutions for change related to issues of women's empowerment and gender equality, especially in G20 member countries."

Chair of the G20 EMPOWER of the Indian Presidency, Sangita Reddy, said that India will make various efforts to realize the empowerment and development of women's economic representation. Some of the things that India will do in the G20 Presidency in the next year are to provide opportunities for women to take leadership roles. Apart from that, the Indian presidency will also create a suitable, holistic, and supportive ecosystem for women leading companies so that they can continue to grow and support women at the grassroots. Finally, the Indian presidency will share a digital literacy curriculum that can be replicated by G20 countries to build women's digital resilience.

Furthermore, the Co-Chair of the G20 EMPOWER of the Indonesian Presidency, Rinawati Prihatiningsih, said, "We are all grateful that the series of activities of the G20 EMPOWER Indonesian Presidency 2022 could run successfully, women's empowerment is an important cross-sectoral issue in G20 work, and three priority issues that are carried out by the G20 EMPOWER Indonesia, as well as Ministerial level meetings related to women's empowerment, will continue under the Indian presidency in 2023. The success that Indonesia has achieved is thanks to the support of all parties and high commitment. Our appreciation goes to the entire G20 EMPOWER Indonesia support team (XL Axiata, IWAPI, and KPPPA) for their dedication, the G20 delegates, and invited countries, support from knowledge partners, advocates, sponsors, media, and all parties involved."

The closing plenary of the G20 EMPOWER Presidency of Indonesia was attended by, among others, Chief Risk & Sustainability Officer of Amartha, Aria Widyanto, President Director of PT Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari, Christopher Piganiol, VP HR of Unilever, Willy Saelan, and President Director of PT Jamu Iboe, Stephen Walla. In addition, there were also several delegates who also provided input, including Ulrike Sauerwald from Italy, Michiko Achilles from Japan, and Shahrzad Rafati from Canada. Also present were the Sherpas, working groups, and engagement groups of G20 member countries that raised women's issues. Also present were advocates from the G20 participating countries and guest countries.

About G20 EMPOWER G20 EMPOWER is an Alliance within the G20 for the Empowerment and Advancement of Women's Economic Representation aimed at accelerating the leadership and empowerment of women in the private sector. G20 EMPOWER has an inclusive and action-oriented vision with its unique partnership model. G20 EMPOWER is the only G20 entity that brings together more than 60 business leaders and government representatives to achieve a common goal, gender equality.

For further information, please contact: Asti Legal and Public Relations Bureau Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (Ministry of PPPA) Telp: +6282114551767 Tri Wahyuningsih Committee of G20 EMPOWER Telp: +62817113369

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